Karolis Kosas specializes in interactive product design. He is currently leading UI / UX design team at MUBI. 


In 9+ years he has worked with impactful organizations and products, including Samsung User Experience Lab, Google, TuneIn, Rapt Studio, Ravel Law and the Barbican Centre. 


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MUBI is a curated online cinema bringing cult, classic, independent, and award-winning movies. Available in over 200 countries around the globe and on multiple devices, a subscription to MUBI is a passport to the world of cinema. I have redesigned the user experience and the interface of the app for both phone and tablet Android devices.
MUBI is a curated online cinema bringing cult, classic, independent, and award-winning movies. Available in over 200 countries around the globe and on multiple devices, a subscription to MUBI is a passport to the world of cinema. I have lead the redesign and UX effort of the new
CRI is a leading Herman Miller furniture dealer in San Francisco. With many years of experience CRI serve big corporations as well as Bay Area's most successful tech startups such as GitHub and AirBnB. While featuring case studies and extensive list of products was important, the site also had to emphasize CRI's unique process and culture. I was directly responsible for the concept, UX, UI and the art-direction of the content.
24 hour pitch to convey the Radio is Real, a new communication strategy for the Internet radio platform TuneIn. The branding combines both an in-app and a desktop experience. Done while at Rapt Studio with Sam Gray and Cory Sistrunk.
The Barbican Centre is a performing arts centre in the City of London and is the largest of its type in Europe. Alongside with New! and Studio V4 I have developed a design concept, information architecture and visual designs for the Barbican's new website. The site provides a framework to structure and filter the vast amount of different cultural events and information based on the user’s preference. The proposal encompasses interactive event planning possibilities, intuitive access to Barbican’s archival data and a flexible template system for event pages.
Ravel Law is an innovative legal search tool utilizing information visualization to find patterns and connections between the legal cases. I have consulted to improve their search, filtering and information visualization experiences.
WRNS Studio is a San Francisco based architecture and planning firm recognized by the Architect Magazine as a number one architecture firm in the magazine’s 2013 list. Working with Mende Design I have developed a concept, information architecture and visual designs to reveal the firm’s extensive practice. The site provides intuitive access to both the diverse projects and intellectual output including teaching, writing and research conducted by the studio.
Hayward is a luxury accessory brand created by Marin Hopper, daughter of Dennis Hopper & Brooke Hayward. With plans to breathe new life into the brand, NYC based NoFavorite approached me to create an online space that would capture the spirit and story of it’s creators. We created an e-commerce website to showcase Hayward product in a way that integrated the inspiration of the line with the product itself. Using responsive design and a minimal aesthetic, the site displays product among images of the Hayward family – giving customers a glimpse into life inside the Hayward world.
Linen Me is a major online retailer of linen based goods. Approached to rethink both the brand and its online presence I have developed a contemporary and user-friendly e-commerce platform that combines brand’s craft heritage and creates an intuitive shopping experience.
Wikipedia Redefined is an initiative to rethink everything about Wikipedia: from the brand to the user experience. The concept revolves around bringing forth the otherwise deeply buried site's features such as bookmarking, introducing information visualization as a device to navigate and sort data and reducing visual clutter. The proposal suggests transforming the site into two distinct counterparts — the research and the editing part. The UI correspondingly adapts to the user’s intent, emphasizing the most relevant functionality. While the project originally conceived as an independent proposal to Jimmy Wales was never executed, it generated an extensive discussion about Wikipedia and its approach to the user experience.
The monthly magazine Rigas Laiks (The Riga Time) has been published since 1993 in Riga, Latvia. Rigas Laiks is an intellectual magazine, it is highly regarded for the depth of insight in its topics, and for its hard-hitting, in-depth interviews. The proposed website design completely redefines how the magazine approaches its audience in the digital media. Clean minimalist designs place focus on the reading experience, removing all the unnecessary clutter. Made in collaboration with Not-Perfect | Y&R.